About Me

I'm a 20-something wife, mother and sewing addict. My husband (J) and daughter (G) come first, but when the house is quiet, you'll find me in my sewing room. I love to sew clothes for my daughter and maybe someday, clothes for me too!

People often ask how I got started sewing. My mom sewed my sisters and I costumes and dress up clothes, but she never really taught me. After I graduated HS I went to ISU and majored in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production, with my emphasis on Merchandising. Of course, we had to take courses in Design also, which meant I had to take a sewing course. I hated every.minute of that class. I had no desire to sew whatsoever. However, after I got married and decided to have kids I got the sewing itch. I started sewing baby things, then pillowcase dresses and this spring (of 2011) I made my first outfit for G. Since then, I can't stop! I love to sew now. Some people shop for fun, others work out or cook...I sew. It gives me a sort of 'high' and always helps me de-stress. Although not all my creations are amazing I'll share each and every one with you!

I also have an Etsy shop which has my daughter's "hand me downs" listed on there. Once G grows out of an outfit I'll list it on Etsy. If you would like a custom item made, please feel free to contact me at giarosedesigns@gmail.com. I charge $10/hr plus the cost of fabric. But I promise you, every penny will be worth it :-)

Me, G, & J

Isn't she adorable?!