Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Embellished Shoes

I love shoes, what girl doesn't? But being a stay-at-home mom
means I don't get to spend as much $$ on them as I used to!  

When I saw this picture pinned on Pinterest, I knew I had to
make myself a pair! 

Photo courtesy of Starsforstreetlights
your own pair! They were really easy to make. I used 
some hot glue on mine too, just to make sure the material
was on there really good :-) 

I bought a pair of flats at Target on clearance for $7.48. 
I used some scrap fabric and got to work! It was really simple
and instead of a bow I opted for just a knot with tails. A little less
frilly and bulky, more my style! 

Pure awesomeness for under $8. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stroller Refashion

And I'm back!! Who missed me?! 

I wish I could say I took a bit of time off from blogging to spend time with my 
family and just relax, but that would be a lie. I did spend lots of time with 
my family but not much relaxing was done... I had a million gifts to make, 
and buy, and wrap. 6 Christmas' to attend. Ya know, the usual.

But I'm back and should be back to regular blogging now!  

What was my first project after the holidays? A stroller refashion!

I was hoping to get this done for Gianna before Christmas but
that didn't happen. Oh well, Gianna didn't know the difference.
She's just happy she has a stroller that her babies don't fall out of!

Back to the stroller refashion....

A favorite blogger of mine, Sewing in No Man's Land, did a 
'pimp my stroller' post a while ago. 

Since then I've been wanting
to fix Gianna's stroller cover. We bought the stroller from Goodwill
and a few days later the cover started falling apart, of course!
But, for a few bucks, I couldn't complain. 

I grabbed some bias tape and scrap fabric from my stash
and set to work! The great thing about the 'pimp
my stroller' tutorial is that she even includes a free pattern!

It's a really easy tutorial to follow, even for the beginner sewer.
Plus, kiddos don't usually care if there are a few mistakes,
which makes this a great learning experience! 

Mine turned out ok...not as good as I expected.
But I did have a 18 month old trying to help, so I guess 
I can blame her for my mistakes ;-)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

50% off Patterns at Shwin Designs!!!

I just stopped over to check out Shwin's new project and she's having a
SALE! 50% off ALL her patterns! That's less than $2.50 per pattern. 
Of course, I bought 3 for $7.42, best deal around!

I already have one pattern and used it to make this adorable
coat for one of Gianna's friends!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100 DIY labels for under $10

I used to buy sew-on labels from Etsy. 
They were great, but I really wanted iron on ones.

I didn't want any mommy's to worry about those itchy labels
on the clothes I made! So what do I do?

Make my own, of course!

What you'll need:
an image of what your labels will look like
(I found a picture on the internet and then wrote Gia Rose Designs
on top. Easy and cheap)

Dark Iron on Transfer Paper
(I purchased Next Fashion brand from Walmart)
Computer & Printer
Color ink for your printer

Are you ready for how easy this is?

Open a Microsoft Word document and insert the image of what your labels
will look like. You can copy & paste it multiple times. I did 21 labels
on my first sheet and then realized they were a bit big! Second time around I 
made them smaller and fit 32 on a page. 
*For the brand I used, I did not have to 'mirror' my image.
Please check your instructions before printing. 

Now print your labels on to the transfer paper. 
I used dark iron on transfer paper so that I could iron them on dark clothing
and still have the label show. Plus, you can iron these over clothing labels! 

Next you'll want to cut out your labels. Make sure not to leave alot of white 
border around your image, because that will show when you iron it on your item. 

Now you'll want to follow the directions on the package. For the brand I bought, you 
peal off the backing on the transfer paper. It will peal right off like a sticker.
Then you lay it on your top, lay the parchment paper on top and iron away!

Ta-Da! Your done!

Now how easy was that?  I'm so excited to add them on to future projects!

This label was one of the large ones... a bit too big!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Grinch Tee

I wanted something fun and cute for Gianna to wear for Christmas.

When I stumbled upon a Grinch tee, on pinterest, I was in love! 

Follow along and make your own!


Grinch Picture (I used this one):

Wonder Under; I sewed along my edges. If you don't
want to sew along your edges, get the heavy duty stuff!

T-shirt or Onesie
Fabric (Red & Green)
Permanent Marker
Felt (Yellow & Black & White)
Buttons (2 black)

1.) Print out your grinch picture onto normal printing paper.
Or you could be cool and use pink paper like me ;-)

2.) Trace (on the smooth side of the Wonder Under) the grinch's face,
then the grinch's hat and lastly the grinch's fur on the hat. You'll need
3 seperate pieces of Wonder Under for each of these

3.) Iron the Wonder Under that you traced your pictures onto, on the 
WRONG side of the fabric. Make sure on the face you leave extra room at the top,
and on the hat leave extra room on the bottom. These pieces will be on the 
bottom, while the fur of the hat with lay ontop of them. Make sense?
My grinch's face was on green, hat on red and fur on white flannel. 
All fabric was purchased from Joann's. 

4.) Once they are ironed on really well, cut each piece out. Make you sure cut
slowly and cleanly alone your pen lines. 
This image is showing, right side up, on my computer.
Why is blogger is it sideways?!
5.) Now you'll want to cut your eyes and eyebrows for the grinch. I just eyed it;
I didn't trace anything. Just keep looking from your picture to your felt
while cutting. These do not need to be ironed with Wonder Under. I used
liquid stitch to attach the extra pieces to the shirt. 

6.) Kind of play around with the placement of the eyes, eyebrows, etc. 
If you have a disappearing ink pen, that may help too with drawing his mouth
and nose, before using the permanent marker to draw it on. 

7.) Once you know the grinch looks just right, take a picture. You'll
want it to look back on when ironing the pieces on.

8.) Now carefully pull off the Wonder Under from the fabric. It should come
off easily and leave a super smooth surface on the back. If it doesn't come off easily,
try ironing it some more and then letting it cool.

9.) Now it's time to iron Mr. Grinch onto your shirt! Take your time!

10.) Once the hat, face and fur are ironed on you can stitch around it.
I did so, but you don't have to.

1l.) Now you'll use your liquid stitch to attach the eyes and eyebrows. 
Use hot glue on the buttons, then also stitch them on. You want to make
sure the buttons are really secure so your little one doesn't rip it off the shirt
and try to eat it! (Trust me, I learned from experience!)

Now you're shirt is done! It's actually must easier than it looks!
Plus, think of all the different characters you could use for future shirts!
The possibilities are endless!

I also added a paper bag style skirt to go with my Grinch tee!
Lemon Squeezy Home has a great tutorial on her blog!

Hopefully Gianna gets to feeling better and I can have
her model her new outfit for you! Hopefully pictures of 
that to come!