Monday, July 16, 2012

No Sanding Required!

I've been seeing all over Pinterest tutorials for refinishing a dresser (or any piece of furniture) without sanding or stripping it first...sounds amazing, right? So I had to try it of course! 

I found a great deal on a dresser (FREE!) through a friend on Facebook.
I just posted I was looking for one and someone was wanting to get rid of theirs.
Score! Once Jeff brought it home he said he couldn't image it looking
was in sad shape. It had initial scratched into the laminate surfaces...which covered the 
whole surface of the dresser. Jeff did say he trusted me to make it look
good, but he was skeptical ;-)

To start I filled all the scrapes/gouches with wood filler and let it dry. Then sanded
it down to as smooth as possible. Next I just applied two layers of Glidden
Gripper Primer in Gray. You could probably get away with one but I did
two, just to be sure it was nice and coated.

After that was completely dry I painted the dresser with two coats of 
Kensington Clark Natura in Iced Green (Ace Hardware). 

To finish it I had my hubs spray the whole dresser and drawers
like this sets the paint in and reduces chips/scratches in the paint.
I even tried to sand the paint off in a small area and there was no damage.
Second score! That gripper stuff really works!

For the knobs I used the original ones, using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze
spray paint. For the pulls I bought some on clearance at Menard's for $2.49
and painted them the same color. 

Overall the dresser cost me less than $20 (I used paint I already had on hand). 

SUCH a great deal and I love how it turned out. Perfect for the new nursery!

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