Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the sewing begins!!

I decided it was time to make a blog-solely for my sewing posts. I'm no pro and I make lots of mistakes-but that's the fun, right?

I'm a self-taught sewer. I took one class in college but didn't learn too much, I was a freshman that was way more interested in boys, parties, and friends. Since G (my daughter) has been born, I've become somewhat addicted to making clothes for her. I do sell some items in my GiaRoseDesigns Etsy shop, but I prefer to sew for fun and not to sell. It's much less stressful that way!

I usually don't make my own tutorials-I'll be sewing off of tutorials from other blogs (and I will be courteous enough to post links and credits to those bloggers!).

DISCLAIMER: Feel free to link my posts to your blog. However-ALL my pictures are off limits (meaning you are not allowed to copy, paste or steal them). Especially those of my tiny sweets, G (or Gianna, or know, my awesome daughter).

Thank you for visiting!!

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