Saturday, April 16, 2011

My VERY Favorite Pants

I love to follow SewIn-NoMansLand...she has super easy to follow tutorials that make the cutest outfits. The best part though-her tutorials are easy! Even for the beginner!

My latest sewing adventure has been her "Good Looking" pants. I made my first pair with some scrap home decor (heavy weight) fabric. The pattern on the pants is a bit crazy, but they did turn out super cute! I used a pair of stretch leggings as my template-which made the pants a bit snug. The second pair I made, I added too much and now they are a bit big! One more try and I'm sure I'll get it just right.

My tips?
*Make sure you exaggerate the steep rise in the back of the pants. Both pants on G are just a bit small in the butt because of her diaper booty. Better big than small-next time I'll
exaggerate the steep rise even more!

*I used home decor fabric and it worked great!

*Make sure you don't do two right pant legs...that's what I did the second time. Frustrating! (This was my fault...the tutorial is very simple, I was just rushing to get the pants done before nap time was over!)

Oh-you want pictures?! Of course!!! Here's the first pair made with my scrap fabric....

And the pair I made out of teal home decor fabric...they needed some major hemming!
After the hem, now off to take the sides in a bit :-)

I still need to add buttons. I'm debating between something simple like white or teal, or something fun & patterned?! What do you think?

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