Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Embellished Shoes

I love shoes, what girl doesn't? But being a stay-at-home mom
means I don't get to spend as much $$ on them as I used to!  

When I saw this picture pinned on Pinterest, I knew I had to
make myself a pair! 

Photo courtesy of Starsforstreetlights
your own pair! They were really easy to make. I used 
some hot glue on mine too, just to make sure the material
was on there really good :-) 

I bought a pair of flats at Target on clearance for $7.48. 
I used some scrap fabric and got to work! It was really simple
and instead of a bow I opted for just a knot with tails. A little less
frilly and bulky, more my style! 

Pure awesomeness for under $8. 

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