Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100 DIY labels for under $10

I used to buy sew-on labels from Etsy. 
They were great, but I really wanted iron on ones.

I didn't want any mommy's to worry about those itchy labels
on the clothes I made! So what do I do?

Make my own, of course!

What you'll need:
an image of what your labels will look like
(I found a picture on the internet and then wrote Gia Rose Designs
on top. Easy and cheap)

Dark Iron on Transfer Paper
(I purchased Next Fashion brand from Walmart)
Computer & Printer
Color ink for your printer

Are you ready for how easy this is?

Open a Microsoft Word document and insert the image of what your labels
will look like. You can copy & paste it multiple times. I did 21 labels
on my first sheet and then realized they were a bit big! Second time around I 
made them smaller and fit 32 on a page. 
*For the brand I used, I did not have to 'mirror' my image.
Please check your instructions before printing. 

Now print your labels on to the transfer paper. 
I used dark iron on transfer paper so that I could iron them on dark clothing
and still have the label show. Plus, you can iron these over clothing labels! 

Next you'll want to cut out your labels. Make sure not to leave alot of white 
border around your image, because that will show when you iron it on your item. 

Now you'll want to follow the directions on the package. For the brand I bought, you 
peal off the backing on the transfer paper. It will peal right off like a sticker.
Then you lay it on your top, lay the parchment paper on top and iron away!

Ta-Da! Your done!

Now how easy was that?  I'm so excited to add them on to future projects!

This label was one of the large ones... a bit too big!

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