Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stroller Refashion

And I'm back!! Who missed me?! 

I wish I could say I took a bit of time off from blogging to spend time with my 
family and just relax, but that would be a lie. I did spend lots of time with 
my family but not much relaxing was done... I had a million gifts to make, 
and buy, and wrap. 6 Christmas' to attend. Ya know, the usual.

But I'm back and should be back to regular blogging now!  

What was my first project after the holidays? A stroller refashion!

I was hoping to get this done for Gianna before Christmas but
that didn't happen. Oh well, Gianna didn't know the difference.
She's just happy she has a stroller that her babies don't fall out of!

Back to the stroller refashion....

A favorite blogger of mine, Sewing in No Man's Land, did a 
'pimp my stroller' post a while ago. 

Since then I've been wanting
to fix Gianna's stroller cover. We bought the stroller from Goodwill
and a few days later the cover started falling apart, of course!
But, for a few bucks, I couldn't complain. 

I grabbed some bias tape and scrap fabric from my stash
and set to work! The great thing about the 'pimp
my stroller' tutorial is that she even includes a free pattern!

It's a really easy tutorial to follow, even for the beginner sewer.
Plus, kiddos don't usually care if there are a few mistakes,
which makes this a great learning experience! 

Mine turned out ok...not as good as I expected.
But I did have a 18 month old trying to help, so I guess 
I can blame her for my mistakes ;-)

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