Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rosette Flower Headband

The rosette flowers have been around forever and they 
are so easy to make. I've added them on shirts before for some 
added details but haven't made a headband from them yet! 

My little sister (who's 12) came to stay with me for a night and wanted
to do some craft projects. There was no way I could say no to that! 

First up was the rosette flower headbands. 

photo courtesy of tipjunkie

There's so many variations you could do with this headband. 
I did my first one on a headband like the one above, my second one
on an adult elastic headband and my third one on some
dollar bin headbands (70%off!-Score!)

The best part of this headband is that it's no sew and simple!
It's so easy my little sister could make them, and they turned out cute!
Tipjunkie has a full tutorial on how to make your own. 
It really is simple and turns out so cute. 

I made some for my daughter and for my sister. 
These would even be a cute & simple gift for any little girl!

Hannah has the perfect hair too!
So jealous....
A headband made of corduroy and jersey knit fabric!
Sophia modeling a headband. Edited the pic with Instagram...
get the app if you have an iphone! It rocks :-)

I really love how they turned out...and how easy they were!

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