Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ruffle Butt Jeans

I saw these adorable ruffle butt jeans (for toddlers, of course;-)) on Pinterest.

They are made by RuffleButts and cost $26.50. That's actually not a bad price;
but not one that I would pay! I love that they look like jeans but have an elastic
waist band so they are super comfy.

I just purchased a pant pattern from Lily Bird Studio. Right away I imaged
making my own, for way cheaper!

First I used some fabric that I purchased at Joann's. A blue stovepipe
denim, on sale, for $6.49/yd.
(And lightweight enough that my sewing machine can handle it!)

I used my Ben&Mia Pant Pattern but you can easily make your own
pattern following Made's pant pattern tutorial!

If you use the Ben&Mia pant pattern, just make sure you don't cut
out the pockets; unless you want front pockets!

I followed the pattern exactly, but to top it all off I cut 3 strips
of denim. About 2.5inches wide by 20inches long.

I sewed them length wise, right side together. Then turned them
right side out. You can use a ruffling foot. However, I just
gathered the fabric as I sewed so it ruffled up. A cheater way,
but much easier too ;-)

And there ya have it...a simple, comfy, easy pant! But also
adorably cute!!

Yes...same pant. Still working out the kinks of this new camera;-)

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