Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bright Striped Tuxedo Tunic

I finally tackled the tuxedo tee for G! I've been seeing these everywhere
but didn't want to try one until I got a walking foot.  

I used Maryjanes & Galoshes tutorial on her Tuxedo Tee. And it was so easy! 
I wasn't sure how this would turn out so I used a too-short onesie and an old
long sleeve tee of mine. I really love M&G's combination of the black, white, lace
and the pop of the orange buttons. I may just have to try something similar
next time! 

I'll admit though, mine came out pretty cute! I made it a bit longer
so G could wear it as tunic with some white leggings.  Such a cute and easy outfit to make!

Oh and here's a little tip...iron on Wonder Under where you're going to
sew the fitted tee to the onsie. It will keep the fabric from getting wavy. 

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