Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chef Apron & Hat

Since Gianna has this adorable kitchen we made her for her birthday this year, 
I thought she needed a chef apron & hat to go with it!

A perfect addition to her Dress Up Bin she's getting for Christmas!

I found two incredibly easy tutorials online. 

One being from a crafty blog I follow and another from a blog I found 
on Pinterest

Both tutorials were incredibly simple. Best part was that I finished
both the hat and apron in about an hour! A quick nap time project!

I chose to do a simple apron (simply because I didn't have enough fabric
to make the ruffles!). The tutorial (from Babblings & More) is a super cute ruffle apron;
 and it's the perfect size for a 2 yr old! 

The Chef Hat, from Sewing in No Man's Land, was another simple tutorial.
 The only changes I made was adding a longer piece of velcro to make sure it 
fit Gianna's tiny head. It would even be cute (and easier for little ones to put on) 
with elastic inside the band. 

I really like how they turned out!! The best part
was that this project was free!! A friend of mine
gave me the fabric and ribbon! Score!! 

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