Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretend Play Doctor's Coat

Gianna's getting a dress up bin for Christmas and I wanted to make a few
things to go in it. Originally I really wanted to do princess dresses, but I think I will
save those for her birthday in May. She'll really love them then!

Instead I decided to do a few simple things. One being a 
doctor coat!

A friend of mine had some plain, white button up shirts that she no longer needed
and handed them down to me. I think cut along the sides and sleeves to make
it fit Gianna a bit better. The shirts were a Boys 2XL so they didn't really need 
to be taken in much. I drew on my picture of where I cut. Cutting some off the sleeves and
sides. Them shortening the sleeves and hem. Super simple!

Picture is after I hemmed the shirt.

Then for some added detail I did a little embroidery work. This is only my 
second embroidery project so it's still quite rough! However, Gianna will love
it (when's she older and can read! haha). 

All in all, an incredibly simple, but cute doctor's coat!

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