Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Girl Tie Top

I'm a lover of Pinterest. I find alot of my newest ideas and projects from there. 

You can follow me too if ya want! Get a sneak peak of my next big project!

Anyhoo..that's where I found this adorable sequin tie top. I fell in love. 

The best part? It was so simple and so cheap. I bought a shirt at a garage
sale for .75 cents. A packet of sequins for $1.50. 

Yes, I hand sewed each of those suckers on. I did, however, do it on our
4-hr drive to see Gianna's grandparents so it was a nice road-trip project. 

You can find directions here, at Little Pink Monster

I also made her a simple corduroy skirt with fake embroidery stitched pockets.

Add a pair of hand-me-down tights...total outfit cost about $5! Who hoo! 

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