Friday, October 21, 2011

Revamped Dining Room

Do you ever get in a sewing rut? I felt like I was getting into one so I took a break from my machine...and decided to redecorate! We've lived in our home for 4yrs now and I was getting tired of the colors... plus I wanted something more calming, more cottagey, more kid-friendly.

You see, we live in an old township. Our house is old, which I love (and also hate sometimes!) but I didn't feel like our decor really matched our home. So over the last week or two I've been redecorating!


I started in the dining room. We purchased a table/chairs a few months ago that I had been wanting to paint. I got the chairs painted and recovered them with plastic (hello kid-friendly!) and then Waverly Pom Pom Play in Spa fabric. LOVE IT!

I also did some thrifting with my mom and sister a few weekends ago. I picked up a bunch of knickknacks for cheap! I also fell in love with the Vintage Willow China. I told Jeff when he bought me my big, huge, old farm house I was buying a full set of that china ;-) But for now I purchased my first .50cents I couldn't pass it up!

Here's my new shelves... I just used my old shelves and repainted them. I primed them with Kilz Oil based paint (sticks much better to fake-wood surfaces). Then painted them Gris from Sherman Williams. I sanded them a bit to give them a more distressed/old look.

No, the bottom shelf isn't crooked. I have no idea what's going
on there!

The little turquoise box was something I already had, only it was dark brown. I repainted it a turquoise color and then watered down some brown acrylic paint. I painted the acrylic paint on, then before it drys; wipe some off. It gives items like this a distressed look. I love how it turned out! Plus, it was free!

As for my owl, I was going to paint it all white but my hubby likes it the way it is. What do you think?

That's my dining room! I pretty much love it now. Next I'll show you my entry area...this is my very favorite part of my redo :-)

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