Wednesday, November 30, 2011

$5.00 Infinity Scarf

I've been seeing all these adorable infinity scarves on Pinterest.
This flannel one caught my eye...very simple and cozy.

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Scarves are honestly the best. Pair them with jeans, 
flats, stud earrings and a plain tee and you've got a simple,
comfortable outfit. Perfect for any mom on the go!!

Comfy Classic

Now I'm in love with the pink & cream sweater scarf...
I need to find material like that!

Back to the tutorial....
I, however, didn't have a pair of old flannel pants so I hit up
Joann's and got 1yd of flannel fabric for about $5 (with coupon). 

Here's a short tutorial on how to make your own!

1.) First lay your fabric out flat and fold it over, hot dog style, 
right sides together

2.) Sew along the longest edge. 

3.) There are two sides left unsewn, so right now it's a tube.
Take one edge and bring it through the tube to the other edge, again
right sides together. **Leave a 3 inch gab at the end, so you
can turn your scarf right side out.

4.) Turn scarf right side out through gap.

5.) Slip stitch or machine stitch the gap closed.'re done!!

So simple, so easy, so cute. 

It even can be worn as a hood on those frigidly cold winter days!

If you love this, but don't want to make it yourself. I'll be selling
some, on request, for $12-$15. Just email me at!

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