Thursday, November 10, 2011

Felt Flower Clips

Gianna is getting a bit of a mullet. I always have to pull her bangs 
back so her hairs looks a bit more 'tamed' (if that's even possible!)

A crafty friend of mine, Lindsey, at My Handmade Gifts
crocheted these adorable little flowers for me! I love them, 
and best of all they are so inexpensive (6/$8)!! Plus, they 
don't slip out of fine/thin baby hair because of the felt!
(Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited about this)

Here's a little tutorial on how to make your own. 

crochet flower
embroidery floss
hot glue
hair clip

First trace your hair clip onto the felt, twice. And cut them out.

Then you'll cut a little slit in one of the felt pieces, because
you'll slide the top part of the clip through it. 
(See picture for better explanation!)

Next glue the top piece onto the barrett. Try to 
stay away from the edges where the embroidery floss will be;
the glue makes it harder to stitch through.

Also, do not glue the felt onto the widest part of the barrett.
(again, see below)
Don't glue that part down yet!

Hair clip closed....
Hair clip opened, after gluing. 
Next you'll take your needle and embroidery floss.
Thread your needle and stitch around the edges, through both
pieces of felt. This is just decorative stitching for looks. 

Next you'll take the ends of your embroidery floss
and glue it between the felt and the wide part of the barrett.
This will just keep the floss from unraveling. 
Take the ends and hot glue it to the felt and barrett.

After gluing!
Next you'll glue your crocheted flower to the top of the barrett! 
And your done!! Tada!!

And don't forget to order your flowers from 
My Handmade Gifts! If Lindsey doesn't have any available
in her Etsy shop, just email her! She's so great 
and so fast at completely orders!

(And no, she did not ask or pay me to do this review!)
(I just love her stuff so much, I had to share!)

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