Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ana White- 6 cube bookshelf

Have you been to If not, stop what you're doing
and go!! 

This site is amazing. It has step by step tutorials on making
just about any furniture item you can think of! I'm addicted
and hope to never buy a piece of furniture again....ok,
that's a lie. I just bought an amazing island for my kitchen.
But somethings I'm just not capable of making! 

Back to the bookcase. We have a corner in our living room
that I wanted to make into a little nook for Gianna to keep her 
toys and books. However, the bookcase that I wanted was a bit
too expensive for me. 
Target $189.99

Then I found the exact.same.bookcase on for half the price! Right away I sent Jeff to the 
hardware store for supplies!

The total cost of the project was around $60 and took Jeff (and his 
friend Alec) about 3hrs to make. It fits perfectly in the corner and my
favorite part is that it hold the cloth bins from Target!

And for the finished pictures.....


Gianna's pink chair is from They
have a bunch of different colors available! 
We really love it, I only wished that the cover
came off for easy washing!

The only thing this bookcase needs is a little 
something on top. I'm thinking about doing some 
yarn wrapped letters similiar to these...

photo from

Maybe have it say "READ"...

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