Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upcycling Infant Sleepers into Doll Clothes

Gianna is really getting into playing with her dolls. Of course, my mom
has to spoil her for Christmas and get her an American Girl Bitty Baby!

I have one from when I was little and it's getting a little worn out. 
I'm glad I have it though, because that means I can make clothes 
for her baby as Christmas presents! 

While browsing Pinterest the other day I found this great 
tutorial, from Obsessively Stitching, on taking a infant sleeper and
 turning it into a doll sleeper!  It's very easy to do!

I started with a sleeper that I didn't care about and went to work. 
The snaps were a bit difficult to cut around, it would definitely be 
easier if I had zipper sleepers but for some reason we have none!

I also picked a  sleeper that was newborn size, so the neck/collar
area would not need to be sized down. 

Overall, it was really easy to do. Plus, dolls (and their mommies!)
aren't really picky on how perfect their clothes are made. That makes
it easier, small mistakes can be overlooked ;-)

I had to take a morning picture of
G and her baby! The outfit was then
whipped of her bitty baby and put with
in the present stash. She won't remember,

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