Saturday, November 19, 2011

Funky Elmo Pj Pants

I need to stop thinking of Christmas presents so early. Because
I just keep finding more ideas! Seriously, Gianna is beyond 
spoiled this year. It's getting a bit ridiculous. 

With that said, Jeff or I have made all her presents!
Stayed tuned, I'll be posting pictures of everything as
they get done!

Back to the Funky Elmo Pj pants!

I made Gianna and her dolly some matching pjs. 

For her doll (American Girl Bitty Baby) I used The Blueberry Moon's
Nakey Baby Pant Pattern. She even has a print out pattern,
which makes sewing up a pair of doll pants incredibly easy!
Her blog also features some other doll clothes, which all include
free printable patterns! Definitely jump over there and check it out!

For the top I took a newborn onesie and cut off the bottom,
to make it into a top for the doll. Then I appliqued a square
from the fabric! Easy peasy!!

Now onto Gianna's Funky pj pants! I'll admit, they are a bit...wild.
But no one will see them but us, so who cares?! Plus, G can't 
resist anything with Elmo. 

I found this pattern for free on Pinterest, you can bring it off
and then there's a tutorial on sewing it up. Super easy. 
Thanks FleeceFun for some great free patterns!

Photo from
The pink with lace is pretty cute!

Gianna is in size 12-18month (18 months old). I used the 2T
pattern but took off a 1/2 inch on the sides. I shouldn't have done 
that though. Right now they fit perfect, but probably not for long!

I tried them on Gianna, just quick enough to snap a few pics
and make sure they fit. She won't remember on Christmas, right?!

They look a bit crazy and wild! Next time I'll make them with 
a simpler fabric. Otherwise, they are the perfect pj's! 

I may have to make her a pair like the ones pictured about...they are 
pretty dang cute!

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