Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Cheater" Embroidery

My very best friend from highschool is having a little boy
and I could not be more excited for her!! 

I made her a basket full of goodies...burp clothes,
clothes, onesie, a moby wrap (because every momma 
needs one!) and my favorite part of all, 
a personalized blanket. 

 I have no idea how to embroider so I made up 
my own way of doing it! And it turned out pretty awesome, 

Here's the 'cheater' way that I embroidered.

First-I bought an embroidery ring from Hobby Lobby for under
$2.00. I also bought embroidery floss (.47 cents) and
took one of my hand sewing needles. 

I then used my Cricut to cut out the name Henry onto freezer paper. 
I used the 'wrong' side of the paper because I ironed it onto
the blanket backwards. If you're not familiar with freezer paper, 
that means I had it cut on the wax side instead of the paper side.

I then placed my freezer paper on my fabric, wax side down, 
and ironed. This was going to be my stencil for embroidering. 

I then traced around the letters on the freezer paper with a pen (you could
also use the dissolving ink pens, if you have one on hand). 
Then you can remove your freezer paper. 

After the letters were traced, again on the wrong side of 
the fabric, I started to stitch!

I did a long stitch on the right side of the fabric and a 
short stitch on the wrong side. See picture above,
you don't see alot of the thread. Verse the picture
below where you see alot of the stitching. 

I continued stitching the whole name. Once I was done
I used a iron-on interfacing. This keeps the stitches from coming
out during wear/washes. Just iron it onto the wrong side
of the fabric, where the embroidering is. 

Then, I sewed my blanket together! 

It was so simple and easy. This may be a staple for future
baby showers! 

And bare with me, this probably wasn't the 
easiest tutorial. Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions!

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