Monday, August 8, 2011

Every seamstresses dream...

is to come across boxes full of sewing goods that you get for dirt cheap. 

Well, that's been my dream at least. And this weekend, it happened! A girl my hubby went
to school with talked to me on Facebook because her mother-in-law was wanting to get
rid of some sewing/crocheting items. I told her I'd stop by and take a look. Never did I dream
of what I'd come across! A dresser full of vintage buttons, trimmings, ric rac, thread and 
items I didn't even know how to use! She also had a box full of vintage pillowcases
and crocheted items. She said I could take it all for $40. Heck YES! I was 

I packed up 1 box and 3 large paper shopping bags full of my goodies. Once we got home I began
to sort them.....

Just a few of the vintage items. The top left box is a roll of elastic,
which is still good!

Ric Rac and bias tape...again there's another box of this too!

That's a 11 quart tub of thread; and I still had another small box of more!
Plus millions of vintage buttons-LOVE!

That is just some of the stuff I got. I don't know for sure the dates but alot of the thread 
and rick rack was priced at 10cents! 

Stay tuned for posts on what I made with my finds!!! 

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