Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Line up!

I know what you're thinking...Fall?! It's only August! This maybe true but G has way too many summer clothes and not enough cutsie fall clothes. Plus, I've been drooling over all the fall fabric that's been coming out! I need a reason to buy some! So low and behold- here is my list of 'must-do' fall clothes for G's wardrobe. (To be honest, I'll be lucky if I get half of these done ;-) )

Military Lace Top- how adorable would this be as a tunic with leggings?!
Asymmetrical Cropped Jacket - because you can never have too many jackets in the fall!
Inspired by Boy Sweatshirt (only with long sleeves)

Craftiness is not Optional: Flora & Fauna Tee
HoneyBear Lane: Sweater Updo I need to thrift a sweater to upcycle!
RefugeeCrafter: Rae Shirt This would be adorable in one of the new fall fabrics!
SewTogether: Tab Tunic Shirt I purchased G about 7 long sleeved tees when they went on clearance, 
here's one of the ways I plan to use them!
KiKiCreates: Dress into a Jacket
SewingforScarlett: Dancer Tee
The Quilted Vest-I'm on the fence about this one...
Made: Lined Pants 
HappyTogether: Mini Me Cardigan
LeafyTreetop: Toddler Slippers - perfect for our wood floors! if she keeps them on....
Madeline's Tunic
From Ruffles & Stuff- Ruffle Necklace Waffle Tee
Made By Rae: Square Neck Top
Adventures in Dressmaking: Knit Bow Top

Long Sleeve Tee into a Ruffled Dress: Using up those long sleeve tees again!

And I may even buy a pattern or two from Heidi & Finn
Yoga Suit This looks so comfy, I want one for me!
(can you tell I LOVE Heidi & Finn patterns?)

And lastly...a few easy projects for ME!
Behind the Seams: Wrap (no sewing needed!)
At Second Street: Drape Cardigan

Phew-that is a TON of clothes I plan on making...who wants to start taking bets
on how many I'll actually get done?

Please share your favorite fall patterns/tutorials and share the outfits you make!!!

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