Saturday, August 6, 2011

T-shirt Upcyle

A friend of mine from our playgroup gave me a box full of plain colored knit tees 
to upcycle into something amazing. I was so excited! 

There were a few plain white tees in there that looked a little 'dingy'
(we all know we have them...the white tee that turned off-white
from spit up stains or has arm pit stains from chasing around
our kids in the backyard...ya I'm sure you have them too!)
I almost threw them out when I realized I could make a scarf out of them,
and then dye it an amazing color!

I took two old white tees that were about the same size. I cut off the bottom portion
(from the arm pit down). I cut along one side seam on each shirt and then sewed
the to shirts together-length wise to make one long piece of fabric.

Next I filled a pot with teal Rit Dye and placed the whole scarf in the pot.
After about 5 minutes I took out one end the scarf and continued taking more the scarf
out every 5 minutes until the whole scarf was out of the water. This caused a gradual difference in
color from dark teal to light teal! I like how it turned out, a cheap and easy way to dress up an outfit!

(You can't really tell the difference in color in this pic. The more it dried, the lighter the colors got...)

I also cut and knotted the ends to add some flare :-)

You could easily make an infenity scarf by just cutting off the bottom of a tee and 
dying it. No sewing needed!! I'm going to try that next....

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