Monday, September 26, 2011

The Girly Cardigan

I purchased the Girly Cardigan from Heidi & Finn on Etsy. I LOVE all the adorable patterns they have. I picked this one because its the perfect accessory for fall/winter. I'm thinking the next one may be gray with a lace overlay on the front. But this one was made to go with the fall into fall skirt.

I reviewed the pattern itself in a preview post. Sewing up the pattern was fairly simple. The only part I had problems with was the ruffling. The instructions say to pin pleats into a strip of fabric to make the ruffle, but I simply did a basting stitch, pulling the threat tight on one end. (See a tutorial here) Once I made the ruffle I pinned it in place and sewed along the edges. However, I did a fleece fabric so I had a hard time keeping all the layers together and making sure I had sewn through them all. I'm sure a more experienced seamstress wouldn't have any trouble at all, but this part caused me some trouble. Plus, my ruffle was super ruffly which I'm sure didn't help. With that said, I'll still be making another one. Maybe without the ruffle? There's alot of variations you can use with this pattern!
Pics at the farm! She wanted to eat the corn
so bad!

The best part was when I put it on G, she loved it! It was so comfy and had plenty of room to grow! I have a feeling this will be a favorite sweater of hers!

Adorable details!
Poor baby girl was recovering from being really sick, she's just not herself yet!

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