Saturday, September 17, 2011

Urban Unisex Hoodie

I finally made the Urban Unisex Hoodie from Heidi and Finn. The first one I made didn't turn out 
that well. I used a print fleece with a knit lining. It felt incredibly soft and comfy but the thick layers
made the sleeves way too tight. I emailed H&F and they said the Urban Hoodie is a 'slim fit'. 

The instructions also say to use a zig zag stitch, I didn't do this on the second hoodie since I use
a walking foot when sewing with stretch fabrics. Otherwise the pattern sewed up like a 
dream! Very simple and quick. I did do a review when I cut out the pattern here. 

Here's my first try...
Cute but I think I like the hoodie better without a printed fabric. 

And take two:

I love the second one! I used a jersey knit for the outer layer and a cotton, quilting fabric
for the lining (from Hobby Lobby). I did increase the sleeve width by about 1/2inch. They
fit much better now. 

Everything's red!

Suckers, beads, what more can a girl want?!
G's favorite part of the parade...dancers!

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