Friday, September 23, 2011

Simple Ruffle Skirt

Like many other crafters I fell in love with ruffle fabric. Whoever came up with this idea is pretty much a genius. I was even more excited when the Hobby Lobby near my house carried it! They only have a simple black ruffle at $12.99/yd but with a 40% off coupon I couldn't resist to buy a yard. I've seen about a million different items being made with the ruffle fabric, my favorites being ruffle leggings and a ruffle skirt

My favorite place to buy ruffle fabric is second-hand stores and garage sales! Confused? Let me explain...Designers have also fallen in love with ruffle fabric and there are millions of kids clothes out there made with the ruffle fabric. Take this little Miley Cyrus dress I bought at a garage sale for $3. Sure it's a little juvenile for me but I just knew I could made something adorable out of it for G!

And that's exactly what I did. I simply cut the black top off the elastic, took in the side seam and raised the hem. TADA! A incredibly simple, yet adorable, skirt for my sweet baby G! 

Oh how I love this little skirt. I even found a tutorial for a mama ruffle skirt! Love it!!
And don't worry, for my friends who haven't caved and bought a sewing machine-I'll
be selling custom ruffle skirts! Depending on size; prices will range between $10-15. 
Just email me at

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