Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raglan Tee, Take 2

Remember when I tried to make my first Raglan Tee? I wish I could say my second attempt went better...
It did go a tiny bit better, but not really what I was hoping for. Jess's tutorial over at Craftiness is Not Optional was great but I can't seem to get the neckline to lay flat! What's up with that?! Any suggestions?

Atleast the print is adorable (Micheal Miller's Mod Blooms knit)...maybe that will help distract that bad
 turtle-neckish neckline...ugh. 

Oh well. I'll still make her wear it this fall. It's too cute to just let it hang in her closet!

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Ohh...what's this goey stuff?

Wow Mom! Look what I did!

Pretty cool, huh?

G has a huge head so I always have to make a slit
in the back and add a little button & elastic. Simple, quick and cute!

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