Sunday, September 11, 2011

Theirs Vs. Mine

My favorite thing to do lately is shop for Gianna...
but instead of buying items I just take pictures and go home and make it!
 I love the sailor/military look that is in this fall. So when I saw this skirt at the Gap,
I How simple would that be too make?!

Sadly, I couldn't find light pink corduroy so I settled on a darker gray. 
The buttons where in the vintage collection I got from a friend. 
 I decided a sweet necklace tee would be the perfect companion. 

Theirs cost $26.95, mine was less than $5!
I picked up a onesie at a garage sale for $.75; used some fabric paint and a flower embellishment
to top it all off!
I dressed her up in some baby leggs and sparkly shoes for fun. This will definitely be the 
perfect look for fall!

I used Tulip Fabric Paint in metallic silver & 'puff' gold. 
The silver was a However the gold worked great, I think it helped
it was the 'puff paint' kind. Plus a little flower embellishment attached with fabric glue!

Next pictures will be taken at a one needs to see my embarrassingly 
messy back yard!

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